Termites can be extremely destructive and may cause major structural damage to your home. Most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by termites.

An annual termite inspection can help identify potential threats.

Termite Inspection

A termite inspection will help identify any change in conditions that may attract concealed termite entry into your home. Termites can enter your home without any obvious entry point and potentially cause expensive repairs.

Internally, we carry out inspections of all accessible cupboards, skirting boards, and window frames. In addition, we enter all manholes and inspect the timber in the roof void for termite activity and damage.

Externally, we perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of the property including, fences, retaining walls, tree stumps, sheds, landscape timber, trees, and gardens.

All inspections receive a comprehensive written report, including photographs,  highlighting any high risk areas.

We also recommend treatment options to protect your home from termite attack.

We use a variety of the latest inspection equipment and technology, including high tech radar equipment, thermal imaging, and moisture seeking devices.

Termite Management

Once an inspection is carried out, we can offer a range of termite protection solutions. 

The methods we offer are among the leading termite solutions on the market today and are suitable for both residential and commercial properties.