Termite Protection – Baiting & Monitoring Systems

termite protection

Research & Development over the last decade has proven dramatic advancements in baiting technology and identifying termite behaviour.

Before making a commitment to protect your home, let us help provide the most cost effective baiting system for you.

Installing Baiting stations in accordance with the manufactures guidelines, baiting  stations are designed to attract and intercept the termites before entering your home.

There are very concise guidelines when installing baiting stations around your home to achieve a continuous barrier protection.

In my opinion the Exterra termite baiting system would have to be the best value termite control currently in the marketplace.

It is not a set and forget system and hope for the best. We regularly monitor the baiting stations and give you ongoing reports with each station.

The bait used (Requiem) is safe around children and pets (table salt is more harmful) we have installed these systems around schools, child care centres and pet motels.

Other Treatment Methods

  • Full Chemical Treatments
  • Partial Chemical Treatments

You will be surprised how much you can save by choosing True Blue Pest Solutions to take care of your termite management program.

We can offer an easy payment plan to help protect your home sooner.

Free measure and quote with advice on your best option